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This club is home to many miniature horse owners who enjoy the miniatures and enjoy the many activities with them. We have several members that have shown very successfully at the National level of both AMHA and AMHR and have won Horse of the Year honors.


Our club website provides information about the club, its members and activities. 

There are structured ongoing programs for both a futurity program and a gelding incentive. 


Our club sponsors 4 shows each year.


A Newsletter is provided as part of the annual membership fee. 


We invite you to check out our membership listing and find that champion horse for your farm.


If you have any questions please email:  info@bluegrassminiatures.com



This club is home to numerous national champions and national grand champions in both halter and driving Horses from our Club have won Horse of the Year honros as well as competing successfully in national competitions.


Our members show in both the American Miniature Horse Association and the American Miniature Horse Registry.  Through regional, area and national shows, our owners and breeders have had great success with their bloodlines and showmanship.


We invite you to check out our membership listing and find that champion horse for your farm.




The History of the Bluegrass Club

Bluegrass Miniature Horse Club was founded in mid 1980's by a group of miniature horse owners and breeders to help promote the miniature breed. Over the years, the club has grown and has offered numerous activities and events to both market and promote the American Miniature Horse. The club membership includes several miniature farms in Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Ohio, and Illinois. We welcome anyone who wants to join in our activities.


Currently in 2017, the club is sponsoring 4-sanctioned shows, see the shows on the left or visit the calendar of events.


During the summer, our members participate in a series of county fair shows across the state. These fairs are a great way to condition your horses for the show ring as well as market the breed to those attending the county fair event.


The club participates annually in the BreyerFest International Festival and shows our breed to thousands of spectators who come to participate in the model horse industry.



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